Feedback on Phone Availability, Reporting on 'Fair Share Fees'

Mar 20, 2017

We've had a couple of calls to the Listener Comment Line to share this week.

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First up, a self-described longtime listener and supporter, choosing to remain anonymous.

“I just wanted to comment about how hard it is for me to contribute since I don’t have Internet. It’s hard for me to reach you when you’re running the advertisements about your “upcoming fund drive or you can go ahead and support the station early even before the fund drive begins. It’s very hard to call in and do that.  Nobody answers.

A quick response: A number of people have noted this issue, especially this past week and we apologize. Eastern Kentucky University was on Spring Break last week and a number of our employees were off work, as they are entitled to do. Please try to call again this week, specifically at 859-622-1661.

Another longtime listener and supporter is Lee, from Lexington, “On Monday, a newsreader reported that right-to-work laws prohibit unions from collecting the “fair share fees.”  That’s one side’s view. The other side’s view is that those laws prohibit unions from extorting money from Republicans and donating it to the Democrat (sic) Party.”

Maybe other listener can help me out here but it is my understanding that “fair share fees” is a widely-accepted term and not intended as an editorial comment.  I would like to hear from other listeners about this, no matter your view of labor unions or “right-to-work” laws.  

We’re glad to hear from you on this or other matters. Write to us any time at:, post on Facebook or send a tweet @889weku or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657. You can also call 800-621-8890 and follow the instructions you will get.

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