Feedback on NPR 'World War' Reference, Critic of Q

Aug 7, 2017

Thomas, of Paris, Kentucky emailed,  “This morning NPR had another great report on the art work of the trench solders of WWI.

In NPR's opening statement they said that WWI was the first war fought on a world wide scale.  Historically this is an erroneous assumption.   

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The first war to be fought on a world wide scale was the Seven Years War or better known to us as the French and Indian War. 

From 1756 through 1763 all the great powers of Europe fought in theaters including Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia with Great Britain, Prussia, Portugal, and Hanover fighting against France, Austria, Russia, Spain and Sweden. 

This conflict took place on any front where the two sides came in contact.  Once again, history repeats itself.”

From Kirsten,  “First, I absolutely love this station and I want to say thank you for the hard work you all do, and for the integrity with which you do it.

One criticism/request: Will you please consider replacing the mid-day show Q with something else? It is just, unlistenable, or rather a waste of perfectly good air time.

I know I’m not the only WEKU listener who dislikes or is bored by that show. Perhaps the Diane Rehm’s show?”

Thanks for that note, Kristen.  We take these comment seriously and will keep yours in mind as we make programming decisions going forward.

One thing for sure, we won’t ever be adding the Diane Rehm show since Diane has retired.

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