Feedback on NPR Fight Commentary, Repetitive Promos

Jul 31, 2017

First up this week, a response to a Morning Edition commentary on the upcoming boxing match between world champion Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial arts champ Conor McGregor.

Sarah Spain: “If you saw two football or baseball players engage in a pre-game battle of slurs, you would expect fines and suspensions. But when it comes to fighting sports, it feels like the wild wild West.”

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A listener called in, choosing to remain anonymous, “I hope there will be an opposing side point of view in the coming days.” “It’s a brutal sport and there are many who enjoy that. I don’t agree with the things they say.”

He continues, “I think some people who look at it as a barbaric sport are missing the beauty of it just as somebody else might miss the beauty of a perfect golf swing or a perfect dive.”

Just so you know, that commentary was provided by NPR and not produced here at WEKU. I’m not sure if they’ll provide an opposing view but we have at least aired YOURS.

On another topic completely, we heard from Doug in Georgetown, “I listen to Performance Today almost every day. I am sick and tired of the same fillers you use.  Good grief? Do I need to hear that ‘NPR news putting things in context,’ and on and on and on. I think I heard it four times tonight.”

Point well-taken, Doug. I hope you’ve noticed that we’ve added a little more variety to those promos and will keep your comments in mind going forward.

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