Feedback on Milk Street Radio Online Resources Availability

Oct 23, 2017

We received this email from listener Rob, “I write to submit a comment/complaint about Milk Street Radio and their business model. 

I have been a fan of ATK (referring to America’s Test Kitchen) and its successor of dubious ethical provenance – Milk Street – since they began airing."  

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Rob continues, "The behind the scenes drama involving lawsuits over trademark infringement, intellectual property, non-compete agreements, theft of HR assets etc. is tawdry and unseemly, but I like Kimball’s product, aesthetic and clearly his imprint made ATK what it was and I continue to listen Milk Street as its descendant..

Nevertheless, my complaint lies in the way Kimball has monetized a public radio program by creating a production company which licenses its output to CPB and thus retains the right to market elements of that same product separately for a fee.

This is much the same as the 'Morash Model' which Russ Morash of PBS notoriety used to make himself a millionaire and Garrison Keillor has similarly enriched himself using public radio as a vehicle while cultivating an appearance of the devoted public radio artisan toiling for meager compensation in service to creative pursuit of art, literature, music and culture.

My assertion is that ANYTHING which is broadcast from a public radio or television program should be made available at no charge (for at the very least one month from air date) including podcasts, on-demand video or audio, online recipes, summaries, etc. 

Case in point, today as I listen to Milk Street I hear a segment on Palestinian food and I want to see the recipes from the segment and upon looking it up on the MSR  website I find that I must become a paid member in order to view the recipes from the segment. “

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