Feedback on Middlesboro, Show About JFK

Jun 12, 2017

Here’s a note from listener Mark, “Are you aware that the Middlesboro 102.5 mHz repeater has been off the air for several day? Even in the tunnel, your signal cannot be heard.

We here in the meteor crater can hear the Pineville 90.1 repeater, but the quality is much lower."

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Mark continued, "We can use wi-fi, but only when connected to a computer.

I have not heard any announcement that the problem is being addressed.”

We apologize for that outage. While doing routine maintenance, our engineers discovered a problem with that transmitter that required it to be physically removed for servicing.

We’re sorry it took over a week to get it back on the air but it should be back as of the middle of last week.

We did make a few announcements about it being off the air but obviously not enough for you to hear it. For that, we also apologize.

Here’s an email from Leanna in Nicholasville, “My husband and I both want to thank WEKU for the program "We knew JFK".  Although he was assassinated before my time, and my husband was a small child, it was a fascinating program.

WEKU is in my opinion one of the best.  Keep up the good work.”

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