Feedback: Listener Wants Investigation of Ark Encounter Hiring

Aug 25, 2014

Listener Ann, wrote a comment on the WEKU website post for last week’s Eastern Standard show on depression.  She told us, “Perfect timing for this topic in my household. My husband just went to seek treatment for severe depression...” We won’t relay the rest of her story but it is available for all to see on the website.

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MaryLinda, of Frankfort,  messaged us on the WEKU Facebook page, “Is there any information on the WEKU.FM website, or elsewhere on the web, about the series on American farm families? While I have wanted to listen, I have missed most of the programs.”  She followed up shortly, saying that she had located information about the series on the PRX dot org website.

We received a voicemail from Mary, in Berea, concerned about the hiring practices of the group building the Noah’s Ark Park in Northern Kentucky, based on preliminary approval of up to 18 million dollars in tax rebates from the state.  

She says, “They put on their website a job description for hiring.  It had specific religious requirements for employment, including a salvation testimony, a creation belief statement and a requirement that applicants agree with the organizations statement of faith.” Mary went on to say, “I just wish that somebody in your investigative department or something could look into this.”

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