Feedback: Listener says On Point Showed Disdain for Rand Paul

Aug 12, 2013

John, from Pikeville, wrote about an On Point show he heard this week. “I listened with disgust to the interview yesterday of Rand Paul by John Harwood.  The interviewer seemed to have a preconceived opinion of Mr. Paul.

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John continues, "I would liked to have heard more about the views of Rand Paul rather than comments by others criticizing Mr. Paul.  The host exhibited the same disdain as that interview between Teri Gross and Bill O’Reilly, for which an ombudsman sharply rebuked Ms. Gross.  It would seem that NPR would grow weary of carrying the water for the Democratic Party.”

Jeff wrote about the story from our News Department about new athletic scoreboards at Eastern Kentucky University. He says, “The way the story is worded, it implies that people lost jobs so that these could be purchased which the article states is not the case. I hope this was done in error, implying people lost jobs for these items and not done to create drama.”

News Director Charles Compton responded, standing behind the story while making some modifications to the online version as a result of Jeff’s concern.

Meanwhile, someone self-identifying on our website as “EKUFan”  expressed a similar concern, “It amazes me how many folks look the other way when the kings in Lexington want the use of tax payer monies to turn Rupp Arena into the Taj Mahal, but resent EKU making any kind of progress what so ever.”

And finally, some words from John of Lexington who called the Listener Comment Line.  He's a former listener to another station but now loves the news and information he's getting from WEKU. "All those sort of smart talk-oriented shows are what keeps me coming back to 'EKU and I've donated a few times."

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