Feedback: How About Madison Co. Election Returns?

Nov 10, 2014

Listener Patrick, of Richmond, emailed us, “Great job on the election results synopsis on your 6 a.m. newscast this morning. Such a shame you didn’t bother to share the results from the city your station calls home."

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Patrick continues, "Sure, it’s interesting to know that the incumbent Mayor of Lexington won re-election, but how hard would it have been to tell your loyal local listeners how the Richmond Mayoral race went? You went on and on about all the Lexington results, but didn’t mention one Richmond or Madison County result.

Don’t worry, though. I went out to my driveway and got the newspaper and it told me all I needed to know. It’s disappointing that I have to depend on an out-of-county newspaper to get the news that my hometown radio station doesn’t see fit to broadcast.”

Patrick raises a valid point about our coverage the day after the election. I will point out though that, during our coverage on the night of Election Day, we reported continually on the Richmond Mayor’s race as well as the County Judge Executive, plus the Berea mayor’s race and races in other counties we serve with the WEKU Stations. But, you are correct, none of that information made it to the air on Wednesday.

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