Feedback on Fundraising, Reporting on Health Care Law

Apr 3, 2017

We received the following email from listener Betty one morning last week during the WEKU Spring Fund Drive. She wrote, “I thought I ought to let you know, before your pledge day is over, that I had a problem trying to make a donation by phone call before 7 a.m. this morning." 

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"I wanted to make the donation while the matching funds were available.” She mention the name of the person answering the phone which we will redact here.

Betsy continued, “He couldn’t seem to record my information. He asked twice what my address is and how to spell it, and then for me to repeat my credit card number. Meanwhile, the minutes had ticked by, and I needed to go to work. I finally said enough, never mind, and rung off. I know you depend on volunteers to take calls, but you need to be sure they know how to take information so as to expedite the transaction."

She concluded, "I’d suggest they use a pencil and paper. Thank you for your programs. I listen every day.”

I wrote back to Betsy, letting her know that, at some of the busiest times of our fund drives, we use a service that answers calls for numerous public radio stations.  I am assuming the person she dealt with was with that service and we will address that issue with them.  It is obviously not acceptable for our callers to be frustrated like that when they are trying to help the station with a donation.

From the week before the fund drive, here’s a note from Carolyn, from Lexington, ” Listening to your coverage of the Bill proposed by the Republicans for medical insurance. One of the callers commented that if someone can’t afford insurance they can go to the emergency room. I’m thinking that he doesn’t realize that we all pay for that visit in rising costs. Also there are people alive today because of the ACA.”

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