Feedback on 'Droning Focus on Narrow Issues,' Problems with On the Media

May 15, 2017

By postal mail, Edd from Versailles wrote in response to a comment we aired a couple of weeks ago, ”I was about to call in to the listener line to voice my frustration with the constant, over and over, droning focus of WEKU on such a narrow range of the issues.

America has a lot of major situations that deserve coverage and the constant drum beat on a few such person(al) causes is over the edge.   

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I too am a long time donor, but NPR’s most recent narrow and very slanted view of the world does not do justice to its long legacy as our public education source.”

Meanwhile, we had a number of calls like this one on Saturday afternoon, “I’m listening to your 4:00 program which is supposed to be On the Media. 

It started at 4:00 and suddenly cut off and now we’re getting a repeat of the 3:00 program, the Ted Show, or whatever it’s called.

The listener continued, “I just thought maybe somebody should wake up and figure out which button to push because you’re broadcasting the wrong program.”

We apologize for what happened. Obviously the station is automated on Saturday afternoons but Operations Manager Bryan Bartlett and I were both working to repair the problem within about 15 minutes of it starting.

We have not yet determined what caused the disruption but, when we do, we’ll take steps to avoid anything like that in the future.

Thanks to everyone for the calls and for letting us know when there’s a problem of this type.

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