Feedback on Coverage of Soldiers Shot in Niger, 'Inclement' Pronunciation

Oct 30, 2017

Here’s a call we received from listener Erica, in Lexington. 

“ I have been listening to the news about the four soldiers killed, actually for the last two or three days, driving in my car and then when I get to Lexington.  I’m wondering why we keep leaving out the other murdered soldiers who were African."

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Erica continues, "All the newscasts keep saying there were four American soldiers shot. Well, there were also four African-American, black soldiers shot. 

So, I think the news should be changed to include all the men that were killed, not just four Americans.

Anyway, that’s my thought for the last three days on your news broadcasts with NPR.

Thank you so much and I appreciate your good work.”

By email from Art, in Lexington

“I've enjoyed NPR in the service areas of Montana Public Radio, KQED, WHYY, and now WEKU. Your station carries on the tradition of providing high-quality, professional public radio broadcasting, with an excellent local focus too. Thank you.

In the tradition of your curmudgeonly listenership, in the announcement of the Day of Dignity event, we were told it would be moved indoors "in case of inclement weather." Inclement was incorrectly rhymed with 'increment.' "Inclement" means "not clement" and the emphasis is thus on the second syllable.”

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