Feedback on Claims WEKU, NPR Are Liberal, 'Far Left'

Sep 25, 2017

A listener posted on the web page a response to the comments we aired last week claiming that WEKU and NPR’s programing is, as he said, “as liberal and far left as you can get.”

“Smitty” wrote, “I'd repeat Stephen Colbert's witticism that ‘reality has a well-known liberal bias.’ "

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Smitty continued,  "I'd also point out that studies consistently show NPR listeners to be among the best-informed media consumers in the country (while Fox News viewers fall on the other end of the spectrum). Keep up the good work, NPR and WEKU.”

By email, Roy wrote, “I have to laugh whenever someone complains about how liberal your station is.  Considering the numerous studies that show that the most and best informed people get their news from NPR and newspapers, I fear that those who get theirs from a far right propaganda network are so out on the fringe that the center looks like the left to them.”

On the WEKU Facebook page, Trevor weighed in with a comment, “Reporting facts = liberal?”

On our Facebook share of a Kentucky Public Radio story, Panel Votes To Remove Plaque That Calls Jefferson Davis 'Hero', Jacob commented, “The title of this news article is misleading.”Chad followed up saying,  “Not a hero nor a patriot. Traitor is more fitting.”

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