Feedback on Bevin Comments to University Boards; Listener Says 'You are as liberal as you can get'

Sep 18, 2017

We’ve had lots of online response to the story: Bevin to University Boards: Cut Programs That Don’t Fill High-Demand Jobs.          

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A visitor to identifying as “DHawkins79” wrote: “Art, music, dance, theater, philosophy, and literature...What is the point of living without free expression through the arts? And history, why would we ever need to know that? Not a huge number of jobs in these fields, but isn't expanding one's experience and ability to reason part of the point of a degree?”

Meanwhile, our Facebook post  had been read by nearly 6400 people by this past weekend and 17 comments, including, from Carol:  

“English and History majors come out of school knowing how to read, analyze and write. Manufacturers will need people to do things other than blue collar work. Bevin needs to realize that when companies consider locating to an area quality of life is a huge factor in that decision.”

From Debby, “He refuses to even consider revenue boosting items such as casino's and medical marijuana, let alone recreational marijuana. Yet he can say what is or isn't a "proper" degree. Guess his East Asian Studies degree didn't help him, either.”

Bess commented, “Education departments need to go first. No high paying jobs except admins.”

And finally, a call to the WEKU Listener Comment Line, “Your program, by and large, is a liberal slant on everything.  It’s OK if you want to do that but you need to at least let the listeners know you’re doing that.  I mean, Rush Limbaugh does it on the extreme right.  You are as liberal and far left as you can get.”

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