Feedback on Barr Health Bill Comments, McConnell Funds for Miners

May 8, 2017

Here’s an email directed to me, from Patrick in Danville, “I'm a WEKU supporter, and while I'm well to the left politically I generally admire your station's programming and balance.

An exception is your recent airing of congressman Barr's comments after the Trumpcare vote.  

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Mr. Barr poured out a stream of Republican talking points praising the bill as a thoughtful and compassionate offering in the health care wars -- without a hint of pushback from you.

This bill was crafted in the dark, with folks voting for it who never read it. The CBO had scored an earlier version, and estimated 24 million would likely lose coverage.

This bill passed without a single Democratic vote. I don't expect you to join my team on this, but responsible journalism demands at least some questioning regarding legislation that affects so many millions.

Try a little harder, please. That microphone is a privilege."

And, from the Listener Comment Line, here’s Laura, “Mitch McConnell’s bill that’s going to give the miners back their health insurance is a lie.”

Laura continues, “He has not found new funding for them.  I’ve read that that funding is going to come out of funds that were set aside for abandoned mine lands to be fixed up.  

I have not been hearing that on the news.  I wish you would investigate that and start bringing that out. There is no new money there, as far as I know.

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