Feedback on Accurate Time Checks, Tweeting #Trump

Feb 20, 2017

This note came from Jordan, writing, “Morning!  I've listened to WEKU every morning on my commute for the last several years - you guys are awesome!  One small comment, though.  Every morning when Bryan Bartlett gives the time it is one minute fast when compared to the atomic clock in Boulder, CO, which is the United States' primary time and frequency standard.” 

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I wrote back to Jordan explaining that that the timing issue may be related to the fact that some station breaks in Morning Edition happen at 30 seconds past the minute, such as at 6:20:30.  In those instances, I have asked him and all our announcers to reference the time forward to the next minute rather than backward to a minute that is then more than 30 seconds elapsed. 

I hope that makes sense and also hope it helps listeners stay on time when they wake up or progress through the day.  We are trying to look forward rather than dwell in the past.

In a tweet, Philip messaged on the day of the court decision by the 9th circuit federal court continuing the stay of the president’s executive order on travel from seven nations. "@nprpolitics @WEKUnews @NPR Do you guys ever retweet pro-Trump stuff like you did for @POTUS44? #doubtful #groupthink #nodiversity  #sad"

I responded to Philip saying, We would have tweeted the story no matter the court decision.  Likewise with special coverage on the air,” (the website and Facebook.)

I will go on to point out that WEKU has carried every one of the president’s news conferences or announcements when they have been provided to us as “Special Coverage” from NPR.  We would certainly love to hear from you about whether this coverage is appreciated and useful.

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