Feedback About Weather, Temperatures, Music, Weekend Programming

Jan 30, 2017

Here’s an email we received from Thomas in Lexington, “I listen to WEKU every morning for the news and weather. I use the current temperature to decide how warm a coat to wear but some mornings you do not give the current temperature. Why not?” 

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I wrote back to Thomas, letting him know that we certainly intend to give temperatures frequently for a number of locations during Morning Edition.  If we’ve been failing to do so, we’ll make sure we resume the practice.

Meanwhile, from the Listener Comment Line, “This morning, between 5:20 and 5:45, your listeners were twice told that this was an “unseasonal January 20th” and that our temperatures would be in the upper 60’s. I am wondering if WEKU now gives us alternative facts.

We’ve had a couple of instances of failure to update recorded weather forecasts in the morning.  We apologize for that.

And here’s another call, “I’m feeling particularly moronic today so, here I go: First of all, I couldn’t live without your music. Most of it I love and, what I don’t, is most likely special to another NPR listener.

Secondly, the Saturday afternoon programming is beyond compare. The shows are inquiring, creatively done, humanistic and, for a liberal radio station, politically balanced and even self-critical. Thank you.”

While we appreciate those kind words, I will take issue that WEKU is a “liberal radio station.”  We do our best, as does NPR, to always provide politically-balanced programming and news coverage.

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