Feedback About Man Bashing on Public Radio, Guns in Church

Nov 20, 2017

We start with a message from listener Todd,

“I’ve listened to NPR my whole life and I am really tired of listening to how bad us men are.  If that’s all I’m going to hear, I’m going to work and from work every day and I’m just going to tune in to something else.

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Todd continues, “If you want the opinion of some of the things that go the other way, just give me a call and I can give you some prime examples.”

We had a number of comments about last week’s Eastern Standard on the topic of gun control in addition to what we put on the air Thursday.

On Facebook, and by voicemail, we heard from Shane, who had called in during the show.

He wrote, “One of the guests was Mark Bryant who runs Gun Violence Archive.  Mr. Bryant clearly stated there were armed citizens inside the Sutherland Springs, TX First Baptist Church on the morning of the mass murder."

Shane continued, "When I got on air, my last point was to call out Mr. Bryant's assertion yet it did no good (I asked for a source for his claim, to which he obfuscated).

If I am correct there have been no reports of armed members inside the church, then I maintain Mr. Bryant and WEKU owe their audiences public retractions.”

Mark Bryant responded that he found the information in his notes the day after the church shooting, saying, “It was an off the cuff answer from the sheriff’s office PIO (public information officer) on a presser to a question about a woman who said she thought she was next, but someone shot the shooter.

That brought up the “shot from inside the church?” question from KSAT's reporter. The PIO's answer in my notes was “a couple of folks may have been armed but no information on any of them shooting”.

Mr. Bryant recommends that the listener do a FOIA [Freedom of Information Act request] to both the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers to get the complete incident reports.”

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