Feedback About Coal Museum Solar Story, 'Good Friday?'

Apr 10, 2017

We received a detailed email from listener and supporter in Frankfort, Andy. He writes,  “I was interested to hear today's story about a solar array being installed at the KY Coal Museum in Benham."  

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Andy continued, "However, I was disappointed that the story provided almost no information about the solar project, and then ended by noting that the legislature removed the ban on nuclear power plants. I can see how this fact is related to the overall arc of the story, but it seems like the story was cut off in the middle.”

Andy goes on to suggest questions he wishes the story would have addressed such as, “How many solar panels? How much energy will they save? What was the cost and what will be the long term savings?”

I wrote to Andy, explaining that the story he heard was a brief reader supplied by the Associated Press. Such stories come either from AP writers or, more likely, other sources such as newspapers or websites of other media and we have little control over the content in them. I told Andy that, while we have no plans for such a story at the moment, WEKU will certainly consider his concerns if we choose to produce a story on the topic.

Here’s a call to the Listener Comment Line, “Today is April 7th. Your announcer just wished us a “Good Good Friday.” According to my calendar, Good Friday is next week, not today.”

And here is exactly what the listener heard on Friday at 5:48 pm, (Cheri Lawson) “Good Friday evening to you. Thanks for tuning in for All Things Considered.  It continues for another ten minutes…”

Judge for yourself but, I think Cheri Lawson was merely wishing listeners “a good Friday.”

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