Fayette Schools Leader Optimistic About Addressing Areas of Need

Sep 26, 2018

Manny Caulk in his office conference room Wednesday Afternoon
Credit Stu Johnson

Fayette Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk says collaboration between schools, community members, and outside agencies is critical to achieve higher academic standing for more students. 

The Lexington school district leader’s comments come following the release of statewide school performance scores.

Accountability scores were released for area schools, including Fayette County. Seven elementary schools were given Comprehensive Support and Improvement designations.  Those are considered schools with the greatest need for improvement. 

Caulk said the aim is to  “get after this, attack it, solve this at the local level.”  He says it will take various stakeholders as part of an advisory council. “Those stakeholders that not only move to advocacy, but to action as well to solve this.  There is an equitable sharing of responsibility that must occur,” said Caulk

Caulk says these schools are geographically clustered.  The school district leader believes some facets of the new $13 million school safety program tie into addressing academic issues.  “The investment that we are making in the safety plan was to deal with trauma, but also the adverse childhood experiences that students are coming to school with through mental health.  So, we know that part of that strategy is going to be very impactful,” explained Caulk.

Twenty-fve other schools in Fayette County are listed in the Targeted Support and Improvement category.  Some 470 schools statewide are in one or the other of these performance categories.

Here's a link to the Fayette County Schools web site.