Fayette Schools Asking Volunteers To Give10

Feb 3, 2017


Volunteers, including Bill Farmer, president of United Way of the Bluegrass, read to students at Harrison Elementary in Lexington.
Credit Stu Johnson/WEKU

Officials at the Fayette County School System are recruiting more volunteers to assist some of its 41,000 students.

 Business, faith based, education or civic groups are being asked to encourage members to take part in Give10 by giving up to 10 hours a month volunteering in schools. The new initiative was announced Thursday at Harrison Elementary School.  

Brenda Story of Christ United Methodist said her church got involved with reading and tutoring assistance about a dozen years ago.

 “And it started actually in this library with just one child, just meeting with him and then we said “Wow” this is a need that we need to try to help many more if we can.”

 Superintendent Manny Caulk said schools have set out specific ways community members can help students.  He said the need has grown as the school system has, going from about 35,000 students a decade ago to more than 41,000 today.

 “There are many uncertainties in this world, but one thing I am sure of is that when you put the great teachers of Fayette County with caring, fabulous volunteers, all students benefits.  It is a win, win, win for everyone.”

 Volunteers participating in the Give Ten announcement spoke of improved reading scores in tutored students.

 Caulk said schools have drawn up request lists, outlining specific needs.

 “What time of day do you need mentors and volunteers.  Is there a preference in terms of having a mentor volunteer that’s bi-lingual.  So, our schools share that.  We’re going to be focused in terms of match making with the gifts and talents of members of our community’s organizations and needs of our schools.”