Fayette Schools' Academies Highlighted At Council Committee Meeting

Dec 2, 2018

Credit Lexington Herald-Leader

More students at career academies in three Fayette County public schools may participate in a summer youth job training program next year.  The programs, found at Tates Creek, Bryan Station, and Frederick Douglas high schools, were highlighted during a Lexington council committee meeting last week.

Council Member Amanda Mays Bledsoe says the city’s summer youth program could mirror the school’s career academies.

“I feel like we're finally getting close enough that we have a hundred businesses, which we were pushing that several years ago, how do we get more people to take them in the summertime.  And many of them did.  Many businesses stepped up,” said Mays Bledsoe.

Bryan Station Junior La-Margaret Johnson says students in her program designed an app which included information about city council representation, city hall meetings, and status of ordinances.  She says interest came when a student encountered a pothole while driving. “You kind of need to know the people that are making these decisions, instead of going around, well someone’s got to fix that.  We knowing the people that are going to will really help fix the community in the way the community wants to be helped,” said Johnson

The career academies at the three Lexington high schools feature programming in IT, engineering-manufacturing, and robotics, professional and public services, and medical.