Executive Branch Ethics Measure Highlighted On First Day Of Session

Jan 8, 2019

Lots of picture taking and oath of offices administered on day one of the 2019 Kentucky General Assembly Session.
Credit Stu Johnson

The opening day of the 2019 Kentucky General Assembly session included a floor speech by Senate President Robert Stivers, briefing members on a bill filed regarding executive branch ethics. 

The Manchester GOP Senate leader indicated there will be other measures filed and considered.  Stivers says restrictions for lobbying executive branch offices differ from legislative requirements. “The requirements for reporting your fees as you lobby the executive branch are virtually non-existent and nowhere as stringent as that which we require for lobbying us,” said Stivers.

The senate president said the measure is partly in response to recent court proceedings.  A federal jury last June convicted democratic lobbyist James Sullivan of bribing then deputy attorney general Tim Longmeyer in March of 2016.  Longmeyer was also convicted of bribery. 

Stivers said the measure represents a beginning as it relates to executive branch ethics.  “By having total transparency on the process that is called requests for proposals, placement, contracts, and bids.  To know who those individuals are that are lobbying, what their fees are, and that there should never, ever be a contingency fee on getting a contract,” noted Stivers.

Stivers said more than once he was not casting stones on a particular administration.  The GOP leader says the lobbying system’s been in place for years in the executive branch.