Demolition Work On Lexington's Jefferson Street Bridge To Begin This Week

Oct 29, 2018


Crews could begin tearing down the Jefferson Street Bridge in downtown Lexington Monday.  It’s been a much debated item at city hall for weeks.

Although not supported by all at city hall, proponents say the demolition of the downtown bridge and viaduct is necessary to accommodate expansion of the convention center and creation of the Town Branch Park.  Director of Project Management in the mayor’s office, Brandi Peacher says it will not come down quickly. “Just north of Manchester Street, the bridge will be taken down section by section as they move toward Main Street.  They anticipate it taking up to four to five weeks for the bridge component and then that support structure that is between the bridge and Main Street will take another four to five weeks,” said Peacher.

Adjustments in timing from green to red for a traffic signal have been made to help flow of vehicles from Main Street onto Oliver Lewis Way.