Democrats First to File for 2015 Governor's Race

Dec 1, 2014

A retired state engineer and a woman who was arrested after riding her bicycle to school are the first candidates to officially file for the 2015 governor's race.


Geoff Young
Credit GeoffYoung4Congress


Geoff Young and Cherokee Schill filed their paperwork with the secretary of state's office just before 3 p.m. EST Monday.

Young is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor while Schill is his running mate for lieutenant governor.

Young, who said he worked for the state for 13 years, was last on the ballot in May when he lost to Elisabeth Jensen in the Democratic primary in the 6th Congressional District.

Earlier this year, Schill received attention from cycling advocates when she was arrested for careless driving after riding her bicycle on busy U.S. 127 during her commute to Lexington.   Her case is pending.