David Williams Wins GOP Primary

May 18, 2011

Two of the most politically powerful men in Frankfort begin their battle for the governor’s mansion today.   Last night’s primary election results made it official. It was a given incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear would campaign to maintain his position as governor.  Beshearr had no primary opposition.  But, the other piece of the political puzzle...his Republican opponent... fell into place last night.

“I humbly accept the nomination of the republican party for governor of the commonwealth of Kentucky,” said Williams.

Senate president David Williams defeated tea party favorite Phil Moffett and Jefferson County Clerk Bobbi Holsclaw.  Some critics say Williams is not as charming as they would like, but, Williams says Kentuckians are really seeking a strong leader.

“What the people of Kentucky want is they don’t necessarily want somebody to be their best friend, they want somebody to lead them to the next level,” added Williams.

Still, in speaking to his supporters in Lexington last night, Williams made it clear he will take the fight to Beshear. …

“There has been some conversation about what will be the tone and tenor of this campaign….and for those that are worried…. No more mister nice guy…no more mister nice guy,” explained Williams.

Williams says his primary opponents have pledged to get behind him in the fall campaign.  He also told reporters he will not have trouble raising sufficient money to carry him through the general election.  Independent Gatewood Galbraith has also entered the gubernatorial frey.