Crisis Energy Assistance Program Kicks Off This Week

Jan 8, 2019


This week marks the official start of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Crisis Program in central Kentucky.  More than 300 residents in Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison, and Nicholas counties have already scheduled appointments. 

The longtime federal program aims to assist families with a utility disconnect notices or those within four days of running out of bulk fuel like wood or coal.

Community Action Communications Director Melissa Tibbs said relatively mild winter conditions could change quickly. “But, it might mean that we see not as many families in the beginning part of January, as we might otherwise see.  But certainly, as the temperature drops and certainly snow, we tend to see more families making appointments and coming in for assistance when that happens as well,” said Tibbs.

Households must be at or below 130 percent of federal poverty guidelines.  For more information,  check out the  Community Action web site at or call  (859) 300-6960.