Council Hears About Senior Talent Recruitment Efforts

Nov 29, 2018

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There’s an effort underway among Lexington’s globally headquartered companies to recruit senior talent. A presentation Tuesday at city hall detailed the RecruitLex initiative.

Officials with globally headquartered firms like Valvoline, Alltech, and Linkbelt have been meeting for about eight months.  A key part of the strategy involves a newly produced video, highlighting Lexington.

Several Lexington council members praised the three minute video and the role it could play to entice upper level workers to consider the Bluegrass as a new home.  But, Lexington Chief Development Officer Kevin Atkins says the effort will extend beyond multi-media recruitment. “We had envisioned this, once a video type project got done, this group would probably be complete with its work.  The good thing about this group is they want to keep going,” said Atkins

Lexington Workforce Development Manager Elodie Dickinson says it hopefully will serve as an attention grabber.  “This video is really like a teaser to say ‘hey consider us as a place to move.’  You know, it’s less hectic than Chicago and New York City.  The commute time is not as bad.  We have culture.  We have community.  It’s a beautiful place and good people,” noted Dickinson.

In addition to recruiting top level talent, Council Member Richard Moloney asked if the effort could include future steps to lure new companies to town.  He cited the 200-plus acres off Newtown Pike as part of the city-UK land-street swap agreement. Atkins says the video could have far reaching impacts.​