Congressman Defends Tax Bill at Heated Town Hall

Dec 5, 2017

The focus of a recent town hall was the federal tax bill.
Credit Matt Markgraf

Congressman James Comer faced a crowd of constituents upset over the Republican-led tax bill at a town hall in Hopkinsville Monday. Representatives of the progressive group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and others say the bill benefits the wealthy and corporations at the expense of individuals who benefit from deductions for health care and graduate school. Comer said most of the 1st District would benefit from the bill.

“The majority of people in our congressional district are blue collar working class people. This bill will reduce their federal income taxes. And I hope that by focusing on business taxes and the trade agreements and the regulatory burden, that we’re able to bring those manufacturing jobs back to where more people can work,” he said.

The individual provisions are set to expire in 2025 but corporate tax cuts would be permanent. Comer predicts President Trump will sign the final bill into law by Christmas and will then take up welfare reform and a further debate on health care.