Congressman Barr Faces Vocal Opposition at Lexington Town Hall

Apr 25, 2017

Sixth District Rep. Andy Barr received strong and outspoken reaction from a crowd packed itno the Lafayette High School auditorium Monday night.  Shouts of discontent came early and lasted throughout much of the hour and a half program.

The first very audible reaction erupted when the congressman commented that the Affordable Care Act is in a death spiral. 

Jill Shearer believes outright repeal of the ACA won’t work and is convinced Republicans need Democrats to reach an ultimate solution.  “What is the fervor instead of, like the woman earlier said, focus on the people, not on the parties,” said Shearer.

Barr believes it’s important to move away from what he called "government controlled health care."

After the town hall, the congressman said the outcry of some attendees was to be expected. “Lexington has a lot of progressives here and so, it wasn’t a surprise.  We want to do this.  We think it’s very important, even when there’s disagreement,” noted Barr.

In addition to the discussion of the Affordable Care Act, other comments focused on issues such as reducing the national debt, Medicare, and climate change.