Comer on Richie Farmer Indictment

Apr 22, 2013

The federal indictment of former Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer won't become a problem for the Department of Agriculture, Farmer's successor said on Monday. James Comer, who took over the office in 2011, and his office say they have helped with the multiple investigations of Farmer's tenure as agriculture commissioner—including those conducted by the state auditor, attorney general or others.

Richie Farmer
Credit File photo

Since 2011, Comer says,  he's worked to restore public confidence in the department post-Farmer.

"I hate this for the Farmer family, but this is not a distraction for the Department of Agriculture, we've brought in new management, we're going everything we can to promote agriculture," says Comer, like Farmer a Republican.


Farmer was indicted on three separate counts and prosecutors are hoping to recover more than $400,000 dollars they say Farmer misused during his two terms as agriculture commissioner.