Comer Applauds Trump's Border Decision

Jun 21, 2018

U.S. Rep. James Comer meet last year with President Donald Trump to discuss the Affordable Care Act.
Credit WKMS

A U.S. Representative from Kentucky says he supports President  Donald  Trump’s plan to sign an executive order halting the separation of undocumented immigrants and their children at the Mexican border. First District Congressman James Comer says he was one of several lawmakers who met with the president this week to relay their concerns about the humanitarian crisis. The Monroe County Republican says the U.S. can both secure its borders and keep families together.

"We as Americans and Christians need to be humanitarians. We need to ensure these immigrants have what they need to survive. We can secure the border and be humanitarians at the same time."

Comer says he supports creating a safe zone on the Mexico side of the border where families could be held, have their basic needs provided, and get assistance  with applying for U.S. citizenship.