Coal Interests Counting on Trump

Nov 10, 2016

Thousands of Eastern Kentucky voters are counting on Donald Trump to help bring coal jobs back to the region.  Those same voters want to see changes in the nation's energy policies.


Floyd County Judge Executive Ben Hale says his part of the state is “suffering mightily.”  More than 70 percent of those voting this week cast ballots for Trump.  He says the GOP president will be given a term to spur on coal-related business.  “He has made these promises,” said Hale.  “We expect him to follow through on them and see if he can do something, as far as restoring that industry and helping our coal people get back to work.”

Tony Sanders, co-owner of Pound, Virginia’s Maggard Sales and Service Co, says mining supplies sales have been down 65 percent over the last three years.  She says the majority of their customers come from Kentucky.  Sanders hopes Trump can help with mining permit approvals.​