Central Kentucky Struggles With Climate Change As World Summitt Convenes

Dec 2, 2019

Credit naturalareas.eku.edu

The leader of a central Kentucky environmental organization said locals can make a difference in climate change even if this week's world summit seems far away. 

“Small changes, Big impact” is the motto listed on the website of Bluegrass Greensource, a non-profit  providing environmental education, outreach, and resources to 20 Kentucky counties.

Executive Director Amy Sohner said she often hears that climate change is too big an issue for an individual to make an impact.  That's not true, she said.

Sohner said energy audit kits are available at the public library and their office.  “It comes with an infrared thermometer.  You can see where air is leaking out of your house.  It comes with a refrigerator thermometer to make sure your refrigerator is at the right temperature.  Even a hot water thermometer to make sure your hot water isn’t heating too much and therefore wasting energy,” said Sohner.

Sohner added a Feb, 4, 2020 sustainability summit at UK will include discussion of climate change.  “You come to summit all day, you listen to what other regional people have done and then you listen to what the challenges are in Lexington and surrounding counties.  And then EKU’s facilitation service is going to facilitate the action team, so those that chose the energy track for example, will then figure out what are the first steps they can do to move the needle in central Kentucky,”  explained Sohner.

Sohner said other topics at the sustainability summit are waste reduction, water quality, and sustainable food and local agriculture. 

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