Cancer in the Commonwealth on Eastern Standard

Jun 12, 2014

Recent statistics show Kentucky is still a leader, if not THE leader, in cancer deaths among states in the U.S. On this week's show, we'll discuss this unhappy distinction as well as treatment and survival options.

Guests:Thomas C. Tucker, PhD, MPH, Associate Director for Cancer Prevention and Control Markey Cancer Center and Associate Professor Department of Epidemiology College of Public Health University of KentuckyJudy Kasey Houlette, MA, Executive Director, Friend for Life Cancer Support Network;  Patsy Catlett. 16 year lung cancer survivor and Friend for Life volunteer.

Here is contact info for Friend for Life Cancer Support Network, as promised during the program.


Telephone: 502-893-0643
Toll-free: 866-friend4 (866-374-3634)