Blue Grass Airport Director On Impact Of Grounding Boeing 737 Max Planes

Mar 15, 2019


Blue Grass Airport Executive Director Eric Frankl says the Lexington facility could see some impact from the decision to ground all Boeing 737 Max planes.  The FAA Wednesday grounded the planes.  It comes following the deadly crash this past weekend which killed 157 people.

Frankl delivered an airport update to the Lexington Council this week.  He saud the loss of the 737 Max planes could have an impact. .

“Right now it represents about one percent of the airplanes.  But if it’s taken out, what will happen is, they’ll take planes from other markets to fill those shoes and that’s what I’m concerned about ultimately if this goes on for a longer period of time,” noted Frankl.

Frankl says that airplane doesn’t serve the Lexington market directly.  The airport executive director admits there are property limitations at the Versailles Road site.   But, he said, the airport can handle larger planes. Hopefully more of the larger aircraft can land in Lexington as the city works to increase its convention business downtown.​

Frankl said that during Derby week there are more frequent larger planes.  He says Blue Grass offers 18 direct destination flights, which Frankl says is good for an airport of its size.