Bill Requires "In God We Trust" Motto For Schools

Mar 15, 2019


The Kentucky legislature has adopted a national motto measure requiring public schools to post “In God We Trust” in a prominent spot.  Final approval came in the Senate with a 29 to eight vote Thursday night.

Minority Floor Leader Morgan McGarvey voted no saying, quote, “the question before the body today is not whether we are Christians individually, it’s whether we are putting this up today in 2019 in public schools to impose on other people.”  McGarvey spoke about a child in his daughter’s school, whose family came to the U.S. from a war-torn country in the Middle East.  “They weren’t here for wanting different things for their daughter than we want.  But, they are certainly a different religion.  Should we hang a different sign above the school for their daughter,” said McGarvey.

The bill heads to Gov. Matt Bevin for his signature.

Leitchfield Senator Stephen Meredith told his colleagues the motto doesn’t prefer one religious denomination over another.  But, he believes there’s a place for it in schools.  “We wonder why we have a drug problem.  We wonder why we have a high homicide rate.  We wonder about gun violence, we wonder about teen suicide.  The lack of that statement being in our schools is one of the reasons why,” said Meredith.