Bevin Unveils Website To Promote Drug Treatment

Feb 5, 2018

Gov. Matt Bevin

Gov. Matt Bevin has announced a new website for Kentuckians to find help for drug addiction and search for treatment centers. has a search engine that allows users to find treatment centers based on location, facility type and type of treatment needed. 

 Bevin has launched an advertising campaign geared towards spreading awareness about the website and opioid addiction. 

“While it’s easy to imagine that’s somebody you will never know or isn’t related to you and is under some bridge somewhere in a remote part of this state, nonsense. It’s not that. The reality is these are somebody’s children.” 
Bevin also announced a contest for students to create campaign advertisements to promote the Find Help Now websites and a hotline where people can get help with opioid addiction. 

That hotline is 833-8KY-HELP 

In 2016, more than 1,400 people died of overdoses from opioids like prescription pain killers and heroin in Kentucky. 
“This is an epidemic in America, but starting at the federal level on down, there’s starting to be recognition of the fact that it’s not going to go away without our help. And we’ll get it done.”