Bevin Predicts New U of L Focus Will Help Bring Top Automotive Ranking

Sep 13, 2016

Governor Bevin says the University of Louisville is a key component of a National Center to focus on automotive research in areas of automotive efficiency and sustainable transportation.  That could cover everything from online transportation services to self-driving cars.

Credit Stu Johnson

He made that announcement Monday before the second Auto Vision Conference in Lexington. 

Bevin says the multi-state project could result in some new automotive technologies.  “Some things that are being imagined now will come to fruition.  Other things will come to fruition that nobody’s even thought of yet.  Other ideas that we’ve thought of frankly are gonna hit dead ends,” said Bevin.

Bevin says U of L is joining five other universities across the country in launching this program funded by the National Science Foundation.  The program is called the Industrial University Cooperative Research Center for Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems.  

Governor Matt Bevin also told officials he supports cutting corporate taxes as a way to help their business and bolster the state’s overall economy.  He said all kinds of taxes would be on the table for legislative consideration.  “And we’re not gonna try to force a round peg into a square hole.  I mean this is something significant.  It will transform Kentucky forever. And so, for us to try to do it flippantly or quickly, or thoughtlessly, would be a bad idea.  Nor too am I gonna try to jam it, if we’re not ready,” explained Bevins.

Bevin says taxes under consideration in an overall reform plan could include the variable excise tax on fuel, plus corporate, individual income, inventory and what he called "death taxes."

The governor believes a special legislative session will be needed to modify taxes.  He says an equitable plan can will result in additional revenue. Bevin says it might take until 2018 to pass such a tax package.