Beshear: Rail Companies Responsible for Track Safety, Maintenance

Dec 17, 2014



Repair work is underway at the site of a train derailment in Paris which occured early Monday morning. 

The derailment sent three coal bearing rail cars down a Stoner Creek embankment.  All three cars have since been removed from the waterway.  No injuries were reported.  Governor Steve Beshear says all of Kentucky's rail tracks are privately owned and maintained.  Beshear says generally, rail beds and tracks across the country are not in great shape.  "I'm told by some rail companies that there is such shape in some parts of the country that you can only go 30 to 40 miles an hour on them, because you go any faster and you're gonna really create problems just because the condition of the tracks," said Beshear.

Governor Beshear says the state needs to work to ensure private companies are doing what they should in terms of safety.   

"There are no state funds that are set aside to maintain railroads in the state," said Beshear. "They are owned and operated by private companies and, of course, the profits that come off of that  go to the private sector." 

Repair work in Paris focuses now on sewer service.  The three cars came to rest near a main sewer line.  A Paris water treatment plant representative says a bypass sewer pump is being used while the main line in that area is out of service.