Beshear Claims Growing GOP Support

Gov. Steve Beshear's campaign says the list of Republicans backing the Kentucky Democrat's re-election bid this fall is growing.  But the man Beshear faces this fall says there are many reasons why some Republicans would be donating to a sitting governor's re-election campaign. On the day before Kentucky Republicans held their post-primary unity rally at GOP headquarters in Frankfort, Gov. Beshear's campaign released the names of 70 Republicans backing his re-election bid. Among the names was former lieutenant governor Steve Pence.

At the unity rally, Senate President David Williams, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, was asked about the Beshear list.

"Nobody gets a hundred percent of their own party in anything," said Williams. "And many of those people obviously are in a situation where they came off a campaign contributor's list. And people have all sorts of different reasons why they contribute to campaigns, if you know what I mean."

The Beshear campaign is now announcing another 56 Republicans they say are supporting the governor's re-election bid, including Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne.