Aussie EKU Athlete: Bush Fires Burning Close To Home

Jan 14, 2020


The Eastern Kentucky University men’s basketball team is right in the midst of Ohio Valley Conference play.  One senior on the team is keeping a close tab on happenings at home more than nine thousand miles away.

Lachlan Anderson keeps in touch with his family and friends living back home in Sydney, Australia.  The sizeable bush fires are burning around the well-known Australian city.  Anderson, who’s in his fourth year at EKU, noted his family’s home lies within a suburban area, only about 20 minutes from the fires.  The 22 year old says Australian people are pulling together to help those affected by bush blazes.

“Just the strength and resilience of Australians is something really crazy and amazing and it’s something that you don’t really see on the surface, but when you get deep down into it, you see it pretty well,” said Anderson.

Anderson said he last went home in May during the Australian winter.  He added there were no fires then, but now with high drought conditions in place and temperatures as high as 120 degrees, the threat of fire is significant.

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