Attorney Representing Indicted Real Estate Executive Responds To Charges

Jun 7, 2019

Credit Lexington Herald-Leader

The attorney representing a Lexington real estate company owner indicted over a proposal to relocate city hall in the local newspaper’s building said his client looks forward to defending himself in court.

A federal grand jury indictment accuses CRM Companies operator Timothy Wayne Wellman of witness tampering and multiple counts of making false statements.  Wellman’s Attorney Kent Wicker said his client is innocent. “We were disappointed to see the indictment.  It’s full of factual and legal inaccuracies and it makes allegations that are false.  Mr. Wellman has not committed any crimes and we look forward to the trial on the merits,” said Wicker.

CRM successfully bid on a proposal last June to move city hall to the Lexington Herald-Leader building at the corner of Main and Midland.  The indictment alleges Wellman gave money to 12 people who, in turn, donated the money to two council members.   That is a  so called “straw contribution” that is used to circumvent state law limiting how much one person can donate to a political candidate.

The council ultimately decided not to go with CRM for the renovation and construction project.  Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton issued a statement which read in part  “this occurred before I took office and I had no involvement in it.”​

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