Another Whooping Case Found In Fayette County

Feb 4, 2019

A  fourth case of Whooping Cough has been confirmed in a Lexington school.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department is notifying parents at Bryan Station High School of a confirmed case of pertussis, or Whooping Cough.

Pertussis is a highly contagious respiratory illness spread by coughing and sneezing. It affects people of all ages but can be most serious in infants and those with chronic diseases.

According to a release from the health department Monday, preventative antibiotics are suggested for high-risk students. That includes students with a chronic illness or a weakened immune system.

It also includes students who live in a household with someone with a chronic illness, an infant or a pregnant woman.

For more information about Whooping Cough, including, how to contact the health department,  visit this web site.