Andy Barr Would Consider Legislation Supporting Pay For College Athletes

Oct 2, 2019


Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr says his opinion on financial compensation for college student-athletes is not fully developed.  The central Kentucky lawmaker could get a chance to weigh in on the issue on Capitol Hill.    

Fellow Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio is a former college and pro football player.  Gonzalez is proposing federal legislation to compensate these currently amateur athletes for endorsements.  Barr says student-athletes do see financial benefit in scholarships. “In general, my instinct is to say is that college athletes on scholarship do receive compensation in the form of free college, free tuition, and those who want to become professionals, as we see very frequently at the University of Kentucky, they make that decision,” explained Barr.

But, Barr says he’s open minded on the matter and understands the fairness argument regarding college athletes helping to bring dollars to universities.  The central Kentucky congressman says he wants to learn more about the issue and would like to get UK Basketball Coach John Calipari’s thoughts on the proposal.  California enacted a college sports pay law this week.  It goes into effect in 2023.

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