Addams Family Musical at the Lexington Opera House

Mar 16, 2013

Perhaps no TV theme is more recognizable than that of The Addams Family.  The unconventional sit-com aired on ABC for just two seasons, starting in the Fall of 1964.  It was based on characters created in the 1930's by legendary cartoonist Charles Addams.

Portrayals on both TV and the big screen have even included an animated version.

In 2010, the bizarre but close-knit family took to a Broadway stage for nearly two years.  The musical comedy is now on tour and part of the Broadway Live at the Opera House series this weekend.

Arts Weekly's John Hingsbergen spoke with Shaun Rice, who plays the part of Uncle Fester.

The musical comedy, The Addams Family is on stage at the Lexington Opera House this weekend with performances through Sunday evening.