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As Memorial Day is observed on Monday, American Legion Department of Kentucky Service Officer, Randy Fisher tells WEKU that Memorial Day is for honoring the fallen soldiers who served our country. He talked to WEKU’s Wendy Barnett.

Frank Kees is the Director of the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North East. He told WEKU’s Samantha Morrill about the cemetery, and how people can pay their respects and support Kentucky’s Veterans Cemeteries.

Army officials are looking into modifications in disposal for certain nerve agent munitions stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot.  A public meeting to describe the proposed changes occurred earlier this week in Richmond. 

Leslie Ware, with Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives in Anniston, Ala., participated in the meeting.  She said some jelled agent at other depot sites has created some challenges.  Ware added it might mean less nerve agent going through neutralization.

New Basin To Reduce Sewage Flowing Into Beargrass Creek

14 hours ago
Ryan Van Velzer/WFPL

  The Metropolitan Sewer District has completed a new sewer overflow basin to capture sewage and stormwater that would otherwise pollute city waterways.

Roughly 110 million gallons of raw sewage and stormwater used to flow into Beargrass Creek every year, damaging the city’s natural resources, said MSD Engineering Director John Loechle.


This week in Kentucky politics, a very interesting primary election took place. We learned that Gov. Matt Bevin will be facing off against Attorney General Andy Beshear in this year’s race for governor. But the results of the election show that both candidates have some work to do to unite their parties behind them. Jean West from member station WFPL talked to Ryland Barton for this week’s edition of Kentucky Politics Distilled. 

Kentucky State Police

Traffic congestion on Kentucky roadways is likely to pick up as Memorial Day Holiday travelers hit the road.  AAA reports nearly 43 million Americans are expected to get away this weekend, the largest number since 2005. 

It’s not just interstates where traffic picks up over a holiday.  Pike County State Trooper William Petry said U.S. Highway 23 runs from the Virginia to Ohio borders through Kentucky.

Transylvania Names Interim President

16 hours ago

A trustee at Transylvania University will temporarily take the reins of the private liberal arts school in Lexington this summer. It comes following the resignation of Seamus Carey.

The Transylvania University Board of Trustees has named John Norton Williams, Jr. interim president beginning August 15th. 

Williams will take over for Carey, who was recently named the president of Iona College in New York.

US China Governors Collaboration Summit

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin told a gathering of U.S. and Chinese officials that he’s not worried about the trade dispute between the countries. Bevin said although tariffs are causing pain, they won’t last.

Liam Niemeyer/Ohio Valley ReSource

The U. S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday details of a second round of aid totaling $16 billion for farmers affected by the trade war with China. But some Ohio Valley farmers worry about the ongoing consequences of these payments and tariffs.

Cheri Lawson

Tattoos are considered a cultural norm by some people.  Medically safe and visibly attractive, many people who wear them refer to the tattoos as body art.

It can be a very different story for people who get their tattoos behind bars.

Stu Johnson

Emergency response workers along with those in the healthcare setting traded information Thursday during a Lexington event.  Ongoing severe weather to the west of Kentucky reinforces the need for emergency preparedness.

State Planning Forums On Foster Care Reform

May 23, 2019

The state will hold nine regional forums this summer to explore how to best keep at-risk families together.

That makes Kentucky an early adapter of the Family First Prevention Services Act.

The act contains widespread child welfare reform, specifically focusing on preventing children from entering into the foster care system. It also promotes allowing kinship or family home placements instead of the traditional system of foster care.

States can choose either to delay implementation until October 2021, or roll out the law’s provisions as early as this October.

Rebecca Kieger

 Washington Post investigation finds the Ohio Valley is suffering the most from the surge in overdose deaths due to synthetic opioids, even as deaths from other substances are falling. 

The Post analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and found the region has the nation’s highest rates of death due to fentanyl.

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Kentucky Election 2019: Attorney General Andy Beshear

May 23, 2019

The Attorney General and 2019 Democratic Gubernatorial candidate tells WEKU's Wendy Barnett his plans for the months leading up to the fall elections in this in-depth exclusive interview.

WEKU is providing special coverage, reaching out to interview all the candidates for state-wide office in the upcoming weeks.  The office of Gov. Matt Bevin has not yet responded to a request for an interview.

You can also stay informed with our WEKU App.

In the midst of reflecting on Primary 2019, Gov. Matt Bevin was also asked about what remains a pressing topic in Frankfort.  Pension reform questions can surface anytime, anywhere when state officials are involved.

When quizzed on what voters will want to talk about in the fall campaign, Bevin said, “They want to talk about the pension, even when they don’t want to talk about the pension, it’s topical now.”  Still, a special legislative session to consider pension changes for universities and quasi-state government agencies remains in limbo.

Emergency responders and healthcare representatives will gather in Lexington Thursday to exchange information about the latest public safety equipment.  Officials from 17 central Kentucky counties are expected at the event at the Bluegrass Airport.

Courtesy office of WV Governor

n apparent anticipation of a federal lawsuit seeking recovery of overdue penalties, coal companies owned by the family of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice have filed a lawsuit of their own against federal surface mining regulators.

Primary Election Round Up: Who Won? What's Next?

May 22, 2019


Incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has won a closer-than-expected primary election and will face Attorney General Andy Beshear during this year’s race to be Kentucky’s next governor.

The two men have been political rivals since taking office more than three years ago with Beshear, a Democrat, filing a series of lawsuits against Bevin over executive orders and a controversial pension bill. For more, check out the full story by Ryland Barton.

Appalachian Regional Commission


Central Appalachia lags behind other part of the region in employment, household income and other key measures. That's according to a new study from the Appalachian Regional Commission.

The data comes from the American Community Survey, that’s like a smaller version of the census. It is conducted every five years.

Within Appalachia, different subregions have very different outcomes. In many cases, Central Appalachia, which includes parts of Kentucky and West Virginia, lagged behind other subregions.


It's a Bevin-Beshear Contest In The Fall

May 22, 2019
Stu Johnson

Andy Beshear got what he’s been eyeing for some time, a chance to take on Matt Bevin in a race for governor. Neither man had any kind words to say about the other last night, once the results were counted.

Lexington Area Voters Weigh In On Primary 2019

May 21, 2019
Stu Johnson

With predictions of voter turnout not much above 10 percent, people in southwest Lexington were turning out in slightly higher numbers Tuesday.  Voters weighed in a variety of issues.

Polls opened at 6 a.m. and just before noon voter turnout at two precincts in this portion of Lexington was already at about 14%.  Jacob Stenzel, who served in the military for six years, said he just wanted to get his voice out. “I’m registered Republican, but I’m not too happy with our party.  I think the pension reform needs to be redone.”

After close to a half century at its current Main Street location, Fayette County School administrators are planning a move to a new location.  The school board has approved a plan to leave the historic central office building and move into an existing 187,000 square foot office building on Lexmark property near Russell Cave Road.

A public meeting Tuesday night in Richmond will be held to explain a proposal to augment processing of nerve agent munitions stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot.  According to information from the Chemcial Weapons Alternatives organization, disposal of mustard agent is slated to begin in just a couple of weeks. 

The proposal is aimed at reducing safety risks in destroying nerve agent and meeting the December 31, 2023 deadline for complete chemical weapon stockpile elimination. Chemical neutralization is the primary disposal method for nerve munitions. 

WEKU Coverage Of Kentucky Primary 2019

May 21, 2019

WEKU is your source for the 2019 Kentucky Primary Elections. Stay with us today as we bring you informative programming with Kentucky Tonight from media partner KET at 11am.

NPR's Here and Now will broadcast live from our media partner WFPL in Louisville today at noon. Tonight at 7 p.m., listen to our live call-in special taking your questions and comments about the Kentucky Primaries.

WFPL's Ryland Barton will host. 

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  Q: Where is my polling place?

A: You can find your polling place at


Q: Am I entitled to time off for voting on Election Day?

A: If you are working on Election Day, you may be entitled to a maximum of four consecutive hours off from work in order to vote or cast an absentee ballot if you make a request for time off with your employer.

Sydney Boles for NPR

Polling by NPR finds that while rural Americans are mostly satisfied with life, there is a strong undercurrent of financial insecurity that can create very serious problems for many people living in rural communities.

The findings come from two surveys NPR has done with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health on day-to-day life and health in rural America.

Associated Press

 Poll workers in 103 of Kentucky’s 120 counties will use electronic poll books to check in voters for Tuesday's primary.

Daviess County Clerk Leslie McCarty said last year the county used an electronic poll book in just one precinct.

She said that worked out well, so in Tuesday's primary all of Daviess County’s 85 precincts will be using E-poll books.

Associated Press

Kentucky’s largest aluminum producer supports the Trump administration’s decision to keep steel and aluminum tariffs on most countries. Those import taxes were recently removed on Canada and Mexico, but remain in place for other countries.


Much political attention on Kentucky’s primary election has centered on the Democratic race for governor.  Attorney General Andy Beshear, former state auditor Adam Edelen, longtime state representative Rocky Adkins, and retired state engineer Geoff Young are the candidates. 

A Growing Recovery: Food Service And Farming Jobs Provide A Path Out Of Addiction

May 20, 2019
Brittany Patterson/OhioValleyReSource

Located in South Charleston, West Virginia, the former church turned restaurant has a funky, yet calming vibe. Twinkle lights and mismatched dining room sets dot the space. For $8 to $10 a plate, diners can enjoy a locally-sourced meal. The menu today is apple sage pork tips, spiralized zucchini (or “zoodles”), roasted broccoli, and a salad of spinach grown just a few miles away.

Autumn McCraw helped prepare today’s meal. The 35-year-old Charleston resident sports a maroon apron and greets every customer with a smile. Her days here typically start around 8 a.m.