A Taylorsville state lawmaker is working to have Kentucky’s contractual arrangement with two Alabama universities for veterinary education written into law.  Currently, reference to the 38 slots at Auburn and 3 at Tuskegee is found only within state budget language. 

A Moment in Kentucky History: Battle of New Orleans

19 hours ago
Kentucky Humanities /

Think History is our daily segment from Kentucky Humanities. Today, Bill Goodman tells us about the Battle of New Orleans.

Kentucky Senate Approves Voter ID Bill

22 hours ago
Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate has approved the so called voter photo-ID bill.  The legislation requires in-person voters to present a photo ID at polling places.

Without an ID, a voter could show a social security, credit, or debit card and sign a statement affirming reasonable impediments to obtaining the photo identification.  Northern Kentucky Senator John Schickel sought to dismiss the contention such a law would drive down voting. “Voter suppression.  Give me a break.  What ever happened to just a little bit, not much, just a little bit of personal responsibility,” said Schickel.

Kentucky Senate Backs Tobacco 21 Measure

22 hours ago

Legislation raising the legal age to buy or possess tobacco, alternative nicotine, or vapor products to 21 won Kentucky Senate approval Thursday.  The measure, which falls in line with newly enacted federal law, moves on the House.

Kentucky’s higher education community has made its first official request for funding during the current general assembly session.  Administrators with the Council on Postsecondary Education, which represents Kentucky’s public universities, appeared before a House Budget Review Subcommittee.

Governor Andy Beshear, in his State of the Commonwealth Address last week, said cuts to higher education were over.  The Council on Postsecondary Education request calls for a 15% increase in funding over the next two years.

Stu Johnson

More than 200 Muslims, many of them children, came to Frankfort earlier this week.  It was the first Muslim Day at the Capitol.  While it focused on legislative education and engagement, not everyone welcomed the Muslim visitors and their faith. 

High Waters and Hazardous Cargo in Ohio Watershed

Jan 23, 2020

Just before dawn in January 2018, 27 barges were floating like a net along the banks of the Ohio River, downstream of the city of Pittsburgh. Instead of fish, the fleet caught chunks of ice that broke off in the warming, fast-moving waters as it waited for a tow through the nearby Emsworth Locks and Dams.

The area had experienced record rainfall, and the river rose more than 12 feet in about 30 hours. The barges, some loaded with coal and cement, were lashed together with steel cables in a grid-like pattern, then secured to pilings equipped with large metal mooring rings.

Eastern Standard - January 23, 2020

Jan 23, 2020

This week on Eastern Standard: the care and feeding of the Kentucky mind. Conversations with Eastern Kentucky University Interim President David McFaddin and University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto. And, making a "big bold ask" of a budget-strapped state legislature, Prichard Committee executive director, Brigitte Blom Ramsey.

Contact: Tom Martin at or leave voicemail at 859-622-9358

State Adds More REAL ID Centers

Jan 23, 2020
Stu Johnson

The state continues to expand locations for obtaining the federally mandate REAL ID’s.  Starting in October, the new ID will be required to board flights, enter a military base, or visit a federal building.

A Moment in Kentucky History: Admiral Husband E. Kimmel

Jan 23, 2020
Kentucky Humanities/

Think History is our daily segment from Kentucky Humanities. Today, Bill Goodman tells us about​ Admiral Husband E. Kimmel.

Ned Pillersdorf

An attorney for the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet told a federal judge Wednesday that the bankrupt coal company Blackjewel has accrued nearly 300 environmental violations since it entered bankruptcy in July.

“It’s essential that these violations are addressed, abated, and that they stop accruing,” Cabinet attorney Lena Seward told bankruptcy judge Frank Volk in the hearing. “There is potential for human and environmental harm.”

First Chemical Nerve Agent Disposal Successful

Jan 22, 2020

Candace Coyle with the Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant at the Blue Grass Army Depot says she doesn’t believe the startup of nerve munition neutralization could have gone any better.

The first eight inch GB nerve agent projective was destroyed last Friday.  Coyle is site project manager for the plant.  She noted it wasn’t necessarily an anxious time.  “I don’t know if it has greater anxiety per se, because whenever you’re working with chemical agent, the risk is always there.  So, we don’t treat any agent differently than another,” said Coyle.

Paper Recycling Returns to Lexington

Jan 22, 2020

Paper recycling through Lexington government services is once again up and running.  The resumption of this form of recycling, for now, is not available through door to door collection.

Six recycling bins for paper recycling have been positioned throughout Lexington.  Residents and businesses may use the bright yellow containers to recycle newspapers, office papers, paper mail, magazines, and catalogs. Paper should still not be put in blue Rosie household containers with other recyclables. 

Wikimedia Commons

New testing by the Environmental Working Group has identified the presence of toxic fluorinated chemicals, broadly known as PFAS, in the tap water of dozens of cities across the U.S. where contamination was not previously known. 

The Trump administration is set to sign a deal Wednesday with Chinese trade officials for what they call “Phase One” of a trade agreement after almost two years of false starts and costly, retaliatory tariffs. Ohio Valley farmers are cautiously optimistic the truce will be a turning point, but some are skeptical about the details about the partial deal.

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Think History is our daily segment from Kentucky Humanities. Today, Bill Goodman tells us about​ George Graham Vest, Tribute to a Dog.

Stu Johnson

An attorney representing union officers at the Fayette County jail told Lexington officials that high overtime, racial and sexual harassment, and worries about guard safety remain pressing issues at the Lexington facility.

Transylvania Names New President

Jan 22, 2020
Transylvania University

The Transylvania University Board of Trustees has selected Brien Lewis to serve as the Lexington school’s 27th president.  The 52 year old Lewis currently is the president of Catawba College, a private liberal arts institution in North Carolina.  Lewis begins his new job at Transy in July. 

According to the University, during his eight years at Catawba, Lewis oversaw an increase in undergraduate enrollment and improved first year student retention, led two successful fund raising campaigns, and created new academic and athletic programs. 

Stu Johnson

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton says strong financial management makes the city-county government strong.  Gorton delivered the annual update to business, civic, and community leaders Tuesday. The mayor says the citywide sewer overhaul is at the halfway point. 

During a briefing she said a major project along Euclid Drive begins this year. “It will be disruptive.  The public will have to experience going on different streets when they can’t get through on the street they know and love and is part of their every day route,” said Gorton.

Blue Grass Chemical Stockpile Outreach Office

Disposal of nerve agent stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot is underway.  Officials at the Madison County installation made the announcement Tuesday.

The Blue Grass Chemical Stockpile Outreach Office says destruction of the first eight inch projectile containing GB nerve agent took place on January 17th.  The plant is destroying nerve agent munitions through neutralization followed by water oxidation. 

Kentucky Humanities/

Think History is our daily segment from Kentucky Humanities. Today, Bill Goodman tells us about​ a steamboat collision on the Ohio River.

Kentucky House Will Consider Organ Donation Measure

Jan 20, 2020

Legislation to allow state employees paid leave to donate a live organ is expected to get a vote in the Kentucky House this week.  Testifying on behalf of the measure last week was Beth Burbridge who donated a kidney to a 25 year old who lived in her neighborhood.

Burbridge’s insurance company advised her it’s an elective surgery and that affected her timeline for the procedure and work schedule.  “Normal recover time is four to six weeks.  I took six days and six days is not enough time.  You need to allow your body to recover from this major surgery,” noted Burbridge.

Stu Johnson

For decades Lexington area citizens have gathered downtown to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and his civil rights legacy. Stu Johnson attended this years celebration and filed this report.


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, nearly a hundred volunteers at the University of Kentucky organized and participated in a day of service on Friday. They went out to a dozen different charitable organizations in Lexington, cooking, cleaning, and providing help wherever needed. Samantha Morrill brings us this audio snapshot of the day, which began in the Worsham Cinema on UK’s campus. Volunteers chatted and enjoyed a catered lunch. Before they headed out to their different sites, Kentucky Senator Reg Thomas addressed the students and gave them some volunteering advice they can use year round. 

A Moment in Kentucky History: Memorial Coliseum

Jan 20, 2020
Kentucky Humanities/

Think History is our daily segment from Kentucky Humanities. Today, Bill Goodman tells us about​ Memorial Coliseum.

Two researchers at Transylvania University are among those statewide working on projects tied to furthering manufacturing technology.

Transy Physics Professor Stephen Johnson will use $30,000 a year to work with different students over five summers.  Johnson sees great benefits for student workers.

Stu Johnson

A Frankfort boy’s idea to help bolster adoption of sheltered pets in Kentucky is moving in the general assembly.  The piece of legislation received committee backing last week.

Jan. 23 Eastern Standard Preview

Jan 20, 2020

On this week's program, the care and feeding of the Kentucky mind. Eastern Kentucky University Interim President David McFaddin and University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto.  And, Prichard Committee executive director, Brigitte Blom Ramsey makes a 'big bold ask' from a budget-strapped state legislature.

Contact: Tom Martin at or leave voicemail at 859-622-9358

Watch Live: Senate Impeachment Trial

Jan 19, 2020
Annette Elizabeth Allen / NPR

The Senate is holding a trial on the impeachment of President Trump, who is accused by the U.S. House of abusing his power and obstructing Congress. Each day of the trial will stream through this player as proceedings begin. At the conclusion of the trial, senators are expected to vote on whether Trump should be removed from office. If you have any issues with the video, please refresh your browser.  

Stu Johnson

Governor Beshear says significant changes in Kentucky’s penal code are needed to address increasing incarceration rates in state prisons.  The governor outlined some of his suggestions Friday.