Red River Gorge

Dave Stawicki-Sierra Club

A significant day in the history of Kentucky's Red River Gorge will be celebrated this weekend. 

It’s the 50th anniversary of a historic hike in the gorge.

Cheri Lawson

East Central Kentucky’s Red River Gorge is a popular destination for rock climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities. A Cincinnati man is now offering nature loving visitors there an experience that’s off the grid and off the ground.

At age 19, Django Kroner moved to Red River Gorge, known for its natural stone arches and sandstone cliffs. He went to pursue rock climbing and ended up building and living in a treehouse 45 feet off the canopy floor for three years.

On November 18, 1967, one of Kentucky’s most scenic and treasured wilderness areas was poised to become Red River Lake. The pivotal visit by U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas placed the local controversy into the national spotlight.  

High Number of Accidents at Red River Gorge

Oct 15, 2015

Falls, some with tragic results, have been on the rise in central Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.  Recent accidents have kept members of the Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team busy.

In less than a week, two children went missing, an Ohio man fell to his death, and a female hiker survived a fall.  The Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team responded to two of those accidents.  Deputy Coordinator John May says the number of falls is up this year.  “You know our team specifically responds to 30 to 40 rescues a year and we have already exceeded that,” said May.

Safety Measures Urged Following Falls at Red River Gorge

Feb 9, 2015


Two weekend incidents at Red River Gorge in which a camper died and a hiker was injured are serving to reinforce the importance of safety in the popular scenic area. Experts and regular visitors say such tragic incidents are far from rare.