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Legislation to set limits on how much attorneys can retain in medical malpractices cases passed the Kentucky Senate Thursday 20 to 16.  


The sponsor of legislation establishing medical review panels in Kentucky anticipates the legality of the measure to be reviewed by the State Supreme Court.

Franklin Circuit Judge Philip Shepherd ruled Monday the new law unconstitutional.

CORRECTION: The initial web story incorrectly indicated the Kentucky Justice Association assisted in challenging the Medical Review Panel law.


A senate committee approved changing the peer review process in Kentucky hospitals. 

Bill sponsor Ralph Alvarado said the legislation is focused on patient safety, hospital safety, and improving the review process when there are odd medical outcomes.  The Winchester doctor said 48 other states have similar legislation.  He said anonymity is important to reduce the possibility of one doctor suing another.

State Senate Committee Approves Medical Review Panel Bill

Jan 27, 2016

Legislation requiring medical review panels for all cases of doctor negligence in Kentucky is again headed to the full senate.  The measure passed out of the Health and Welfare Committee Wednesday.  Sponsor Ralph Alvarado says three doctors would form a review panel to make a non-binding determination. “I know from my training, I know how physicians are," Alvarado said.  "We are brutally honest.  I’ve reviewed cases of nursing homes where they didn’t do anything wrong, but the doctor did and I exposed that information.” 


A Lexington TV station has removed a campaign ad after a Republican state Senate candidate complained the ad was false.