Pension Reforms

Under a new Republican proposal to overhaul Kentucky’s pensionsystems, most state workers hired since 2014 would no longer get a guaranteed return on their retirement investments in the event of a

Public Workers React to Latest Pension Bill

Feb 21, 2018
Stu Johnson

On the day legislative leaders from both the House and Senate offered details of the new public pension reform bill, reaction came from those directly affected by proposed changes.  It happened by circumstance.

New Pension Bill Expected to Be Dropped This Week

Feb 14, 2018
Stu Johnson

Republican leaders of the state legislature say a new proposal to overhaul the state’s public retirement systems will be unveiled later this week.

Senate Leaders Focusing on Pension Reforms

Jan 3, 2018
Stu Johnson

Much of the attention on day one of the Kentucky General Assembly focused on the House, and the status of Speaker Jeff Hoover.   

Meanwhile, the Kentucky Senate was gearing up for a proposed overhaul of the state’s pension systems. 

A sexual harassment investigation in the House had members there debating decisions about leadership.  In the Senate, a military band opened the session with music.

Senate GOP Majority Caucus Stages Retreat in Berea

Nov 30, 2017
Stu Johnson

The president of the Kentucky senate says a special legislative session on pension reforms could still happen between now and the end of December.  Robert Stivers admits the window of opportunity for a likely five day session is closing a bit day by day.

Stivers along with other GOP senate leaders are in Berea for a majority caucus retreat.

Gov. Matt Bevin is pitching to business groups across the state his bill that would—among other things—move most future and some current state workers onto 401(k) style plans.  Lawmakers in rural parts of the state have been slow to support the proposal. 

The plan has drawn fire from state employees who worry that future hires and current ones affected by the changes would receive less-generous benefits from the state.

The leader of the democratic minority in Kentucky’s House of Representatives is not convinced a special legislative session is the best way to go in working to solve public pension problems.  

Rocky Adkins offered his thoughts following an event Monday at the Scott County Toyota Plant.

Gov. Matt Bevin Monday defended his proposal to change the state’s pension systems before a group of business leaders in Lexington.

Late last week, Bevin released a much-anticipated draft of a bill that would move most future and some current retirees onto less-generous 401(k)-style plans.

The proposal would also tweak benefits to current employees and retirees, drawing fire from state employee groups that say the changes would be illegal.