Mayor Jim Gray

Lexington Council Rejects City Hall Proposal

Sep 13, 2018
Stu Johnson

The Lexington city council has voted down a proposal to relocate city hall in the Herald-Leader building at the corner of Main and Midland.  The dramatic vote came after weeks of wrestling over the matter.

While this plan to repurpose the long-time home of the local newspaper got traction this summer, the idea of finding or building a more suitable site for city government has surfaced off and on for years.  But, when it came time to vote, Vice Mayor Steve Kay, an ardent supporter of the proposal, said the votes weren’t there.

Stu Johnson

A slew of decorative shovels stood ready for Monday’s groundbreaking for Town Branch Commons in Lexington. The hybrid trail “slash” linear park will wind through downtown for two miles.

Stu Johnson

Lexington city leaders are considering spending more money on neighborhood repaving.  The Council’s Environmental Quality and Public Works Committee supported the plan Tuesday.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is suggesting $12 million dollars be set aside for street paving next year.  The current budget calls for 42 percent of funding to go toward local neighborhood streets.  Public Works Commissioner Dowell Hoskins-Squier says the yet to be voted on budget dedicates 65 percent of the funds to neighborhood streets.

Lexington Council Expected to Pass New Budget

Jun 22, 2017

Lexington’s council is expected to take final action Thursday night on a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  

Council made relatively few changes to Mayor Jim Gray’s recommended spending plan.

Panhandling in the Commonwealth on Eastern Standard

May 2, 2017
Marisa Hempel

Have you noticed panhandlers at interstate exits and street corners?  Maybe in downtown Lexington or other communities?


After the State Supreme court ruling that struck down Lexington’s panhandling ordinance, the issue has had officials scrambling to find answers to this community problem, with meetings to address the issue taking place all month long.

On this week’s Eastern Standard: Panhandling in the Commonwealth.

Mayor Jim Gray’s One Lexington proposal is undergoing review by council members as they break down the budget he presented last month. 

The mayor says the new initiative would focus on better coordination among public and private partners to address crime and social issues. 

Council members last week quizzed the administration about the proposed hiring of a coordinator for the effort. 

Pablo Alcala

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray has unveiled his $358 million budget for council consideration.  In his address Tuesday, the second-term mayor made it clear he considers public safety a top priority.  

NOTE: There's a link to the mayor's entire budget presentation at the bottom of this story page. 

Gun Violence in Lexington on Eastern Standard

Mar 29, 2017

In recent years, Lexington’s headlines have been filled with the results of gun violence.

On this week's Eastern Standard, we will be talking about gun violence, live from Lexington City Hall with Mayor Jim Gray and Police Chief Mark Barnard. We will also have Laura Hatfield, Executive Director of Partners for Youth on the show as trends show many gun-related homicides involve young adults.

Lexington Continuing Along "Gigabit Road"

Oct 20, 2016

Work continues on making Lexington a so-called "gigabit city."  The transition to super high speed internet is expected to take years.

Officials began discussing moving to high speed internet countywide two years ago.  City officials says many communities across the country are wrestling with process and cost issues.  A public/private partnership is anticipated in Fayette County. 

Chilton Named Lexington's New Fire Chief

Mar 24, 2016

The city of Lexington has a new fire chief.  The announcement came Thursday from Mayor Jim Gray. 

Kristin Chilton is Lexington’s first female fire chief. She has more than two decades of firefighting experience in the bluegrass.

Lexington Mayor Urges Citizens to Stay Inside

Jan 22, 2016


Lexington officials are asking citizens to stay in today if at all possible.  Mayor Jim Gray says road crews have been preparing for this snowstorm for about a week.

The mayor says extra help to clear roads will be called in from several divisions along with private contractors.  

Citizens are being reminded not to park along marked snow emergency routes.  Emergency shelters will be open continuously through the weekend and the Catholic Action Center’s Compassionate Caravan will be out looking for people. 

Lexington Council Votes to Increase City Minimum Wage

Nov 20, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News


After some eight months of debate, Lexington’s city council has approved a minimum wage increase.  Council heard public comments Thursday night right up until the last minute. 

After hearing comments from more than 30 residents, followed by discussion among council members, a vote on the proposal to raise the minimum wage was taken.

Valvoline Breaks Ground on Global Headquarters in Lexington

Nov 16, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Valvoline has called Lexington home for more than three decades and now the company has decided to build its global headquarters in the bluegrass.  Corporate and government officials celebrated Monday with a ground breaking in Lexington.  President Sam Mitchell says the decision to stay in Lexington just reaffirms the company’s commitment to the community.  “It’s been our headquarters for the last 35 years, so we’re making a long term commitment to stay right here in Lexington,” said Mitchell.  “It’s a great place to live.  Our employees love it here and there’s a lot of talent here too, s


The city of Lexington is demanding Centre Point developers take necessary steps to fill in the large hole in the center of downtown.  A written notice was delivered to the Webb Companies office Tuesday afternoon.

Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is satisfied with his administration's previous accomplishments, and optimistic about future initiatives. 

Gray expressed those sentiments Tuesday during the annual State of the City address.

Right off the top of his 26 minute speech, the mayor told city business and civic leaders that 2015 looks positive.  "I am proud to report the state of our city is strong and promising," said Gray.

Lexington's mayor Friday issued an executive order that will reinstate a program allowing personal use of police cruisers.  The action by Mayor Jim Gray comes after the police union suspended a vote on a proposed 50 dollar monthly fee for personal use of vehicles.

Representatives of some of Kentucky’s largest cities are continuing to push for a local sales tax option.  The question is before the General Assembly in the form of bills from both the House and the Senate.  If approved by legislators, and by voters in a statewide referendum, communities could vote on raising taxes by an additional penny per dollar to pay for local projects.